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Shelter Cats

Bella’s Boudoir

Bella’s first few years (!) at PAWS were a difficult adjustment for her.
She really doesn’t like other cats and that made it hard for her to shine when shown to potential adopters.

Now that she has a room of her own, it’s a different story!
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Shelter Cats

Cats Being Cats


There was a lot of relaxing going on at PAWS.

When someone put this small carpeted cat house in C5, Mimi (on top) and Stormy (below) took up immediate residence. They are mild-mannered young ladies who get along well with others.


Stormy also has been enjoying one of the wall-mounted nesting boxes.


Our own Truffles has the unfortunate title of longest cat resident at PAWS. A volunteer gave her a nice soft bed, and lined it with a towel for extra padding. She tunneled her way underneath, and here she is, looking adorable.