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Shelter Cats

Buster and Brian

I sat on the floor in front of their open cage and made some cat-friendly chirping noises. Slowly gray Buster came out, inspected me, and climbed into my lap.
Buster rolled, stretched, purred, and made himself at home. When shy tabby Brian saw that it was safe, he came out and laid beside me for some petting too.
These one year old boys are just sweethearts – and they’re available for adoption at PAWS.

Minnie Mouse and Mouse Continued…
eMinnieandMouseSunday morning Minnie was hanging out in her hammock with her mouse.

Shelter Cats

Cat Room #1

In this room at PAWS, there is a large cage where many cats have found temporary shelter while waiting for their new forever homes.
All of the cats below are graduates within the last year.
Hippity and Hoppity recently moved in after Scoots and Louie went home. These two sweet and shy black and white cats have been in the shelter for two years now. I’m hoping the luck of this cage will continue, and they will be adopted soon.
This is 5 year old Hippity.
When I cleaned their cage Hoppity was feeling worried about the disruption and joined Hippity for comfort. They are very devoted to each other.

Home Cats

Meanwhile, at Home…

Maggie got something in the mail, and all we got is this stinkin’ box.
“Whatcha got in there, Tommie?”
It’s actually a pretty good box…
Gracie sighs, “Will it be my turn soon?”

Home Cats, Shelter Cats




Handsome Tommy is shy and slowly warming up to people. This young cat is waiting at PAWS for his own true love. Won’t you be his Valentine?

Meanwhile back at my house…
eTomLicksTommie has a new favorite low calorie treat. It’s only one calorie per twenty licks. The difficult part is trying to count his lightning fast licks.
It’s available in lots of flavors and they even make it for dogs.

Shelter Cats


Handsome six year old Leo is a friendly Maine Coon mix. He enjoys the cat tree where he can get some peace and quiet away from the playful youngster Stormy.
Nine month old Stormy. Two of the terrific tabbies at PAWS!

UPDATE: Leo has been adopted… Stormy too!

Shelter Cats

Two by Two

I looked at the adoption board Sunday morning
and saw Kosmo and Kramer’s names listed. Gone home together!

Bazooka Joe and Wrigley went home together too.

And then I saw Boone and Logan were adopted – together!

Do you remember pretty tabby Givenchy? Adopted!
Volunteers were dancing with joy at the shelter Sunday.

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Kosmo and Kramer in November

Kramer was having a relaxing morning until the paparazzo started pointing her camera at him.

Here’s Kosmo enjoying a good cardboard box.

These two playful young tabby cats are devoted to each other. A potential adopter must take both of them. Maybe because there are two of them, and because they aren’t lapcats, they have been at PAWS since they were babies.

This photograph was on the blog last November.
I wish someone would give them a home. They’d have endless entertainment and a lot of affection once Kosmo and Kramer settled in.

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Kittens on the Loose!

Little Edith and her playmate, black and white Ross, are in separate cages in the kitten room.

When they’re let out to play, they love to climb to the top of the cage bank, up near the ceiling. Fortunately, Edith and Ross are pretty easy to lure back down…

They’re very busy little kittens. Ross has been adopted and will be going to his new home tomorrow. I hope Edith won’t have to wait much longer.

Elsewhere in the shelter, Boone was having an easy Sunday morning.

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