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Blogging for Peace


Today bloggers all over the world are promoting and publishing peace globes. I can’t think of a better time to change the tone of the conversation to peace, love, and kindness.
My globe features Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red, feline role models.

No comments today, everybody take a deep breath and think good thoughts.

Shelter Cats

Signs of Spring


Yes, that picture was taken on the first official day of Spring, not that Mother Nature pays any attention to the calendar…
By the way, that’s a garden ornament in the background – not a real cat!
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Shelter Cats

Home for the Holidays


Beautiful owl-eyed Sydney is 10 years old. Sydney is definitely on Santa’s Nice List.


Marlee is a friendly gentle cat. At 9 years old she’s done with all that annoying kittenish misbehavior. She just needs a friend to cuddle with.
Sydney and Marlee are waiting at PAWS.


And here’s our own Mickey Mouser (failed foster cat). He had a rough start in life as a tiny underweight feral kitten rescued by PAWS volunteers. He’s wishing a warm safe home for everycat.

Home Cats

Sweet Sixteen


It seems like yesterday that an adorable tiny tabby kitten with ENORMOUS paws wandered through our front yard.

How lucky we were that Mother Nature delivered him to us!

This year Tommie had 6 teeth removed, and we continue to give him fluids twice a week to keep his kidneys working. Through it all, he’s our role model for calm acceptance and enjoyment of life.


A nap in the sun.


A whiff of the first catnip in the Spring.


I hold his paw, and he holds my heart.
Happy Birthday, Tommie!


Mickey Mouser says, “If it’s Tommie’s birthday, why am I the one stuck wearing the hat?”

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens



Look what we got from the generous people at 1-800-PetMeds!
No, not adorable young cats. We already have plenty of those at PAWS


We got vitamins, dental wipes, hairball meds, and plenty of other supplies. It turns out that they have things that were opened for photo shoots, or returned, or squished in shipping, that they can’t sell.
We have cats and dogs that need TLC.
It’s a perfect match!

Thank you 1-800-PetMeds.

Home Cats

Tommie, Gracie, and Mickey Mouser

Our cats have taken over the blog today! They have been interviewed by the fabulous Funny Farmer Felines for the online magazine Mousebreath.
CLICK HERE to read the interview.
This is a rare photograph of all three cats together (without the use of photoshop).
Tommie and Mickey get along fine.
But three’s a crowd.

Thank you for visiting, Funny Farmers!

Shelter Cats

Hanging in the Hammock

Here’s Brian and his brother Buster again – you met them a few weeks ago. Tabby Brian is cautious but curious. He checks to see if Buster likes you first… But Buster is so affectionate and outgoing; he seems to like everyone!
When I cleaned their cage, the disruption sent them up to their hammock. It’s harder to find homes for cats when there are two that can’t be parted. But the comfort they bring each other while they wait is very sweet to see.

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