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Studio Cats


Rufus the Red here, reporting from Maggie’s studio where we have been hard at work drawing the illustrations for coloring books.
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Shelter Cats

Miss Deed


She’s an extremely friendly and popular girl. Is it her fault that she’s produced two litters of kittens in less than two years?
When Miss Deed was brought to PAWS with her adorable babies, she was already pregnant.
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Home Cats, Shelter Cats



Dina came to PAWS a few months ago and is still adjusting to shelter life. She’s a two year old stray who must have an interesting story, but she’s not talking.
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Shelter Cats

Simba and Skye


Introducing two youngsters, new to Cat Room #5. Simba is a handsome male…


Skye is a beautiful tabby and white female. She was fascinated by my camera strap.
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