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Cats and Other Animals Abroad

Rick and I are always on the lookout for cats when we travel.
We encountered this big boy striding along a street in Barcelona.

He is a sculpture created by the artist Botero.

Rick spotted a distant cousin of our Rufus the Red in the Alhambra.

And here’s a lovely calico.
Believe it or not, our favorite animal siting wasn’t a cat!
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Shelter Cats


Titus would like to invite you in for a visit.
Last week this gentle giant was shy about coming out into the room, but very happy to be petted, brushed, and loved from the security of his cage.
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Shelter Cats

Ulysses S. Cat

The “S” stands for Sweetheart. The card on Ulysses’ cage says that he was a stray, but somewhere in his short (one year) life, he figured out that when people sit down, an amazing thing happens: a lap is formed, creating a very comfortable perch.
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