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Some of the rooms at PAWS have gotten a fresh coat of paint. Cat Room #1 is a happy shade of orange. I think it flatters Ella and Buster’s coat colors.

Do Ella and Buster agree?

Buster and his brother Brian have been adopted.
Pretty Ella is still available.

All of your comments, emails, notes, and phone calls after Gracie’s death brought us great comfort. Thank you so much.
Our talented and beautiful four year old great-niece Zahra sent us this drawing of “Gracie and a friend in another place.”


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Goodbye Gracie


Our girl Gracie was such a good, smart cat. She shook paws and gave kisses when we asked, and was a star at clicker training. She would run to the window chattering when we said, “birdies.” She wasn’t friendly to company, but certainly not timid. She was our watchcat.

She had a napping spot near my computer, watched tv with us in the evening on our laps, and slept at the end of the bed at night.

Only a few months ago, her normally enthusiastic appetite was diminished and she wasn’t herself. At the vet’s she had a series of tests, including an ultrasound. The pictures showed a large inoperable mass and Gracie wasn’t given much time. For a few wonderful weeks steroids made her almost kittenish. She ate voraciously and jumped up on kitchen counters looking for more.

Unfortunately that reprieve didn’t last long. She won’t have to sneak outside to play in the grass and trees anymore. Gracie left us yesterday for the Rainbow Bridge where she can run free.
We love you, Gracie.

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Tommie, Gracie, and Mickey Mouser

Our cats have taken over the blog today! They have been interviewed by the fabulous Funny Farmer Felines for the online magazine Mousebreath.
CLICK HERE to read the interview.
This is a rare photograph of all three cats together (without the use of photoshop).
Tommie and Mickey get along fine.
But three’s a crowd.

Thank you for visiting, Funny Farmers!

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Gracie’s Turn

Ms. Grace Lillian finally took possession of the new box house.
But first she remodeled.
Maybe I cut the doorway a bit too narrow for her?

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Meanwhile, at Home…

Maggie got something in the mail, and all we got is this stinkin’ box.
“Whatcha got in there, Tommie?”
It’s actually a pretty good box…
Gracie sighs, “Will it be my turn soon?”

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Santa’s List

This is our own cat, Ms. Grace Lillian. She’s trying to get on Santa’s Nice List.

But is it too little too late? Poor Tommie!

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Labor Day Weekend

Resting from our labors. Mickey Mouser

Grace Lillian

Wishing you all a Happy Labor Day!

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