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Carmella is a cat you can’t ignore.
She’s got a huge personality and presence, with a touch of calico attitude.

Here she is at the door, eagerly awaiting admirers.
Or maybe analyzing the workings of the door handle.
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Shelter Cats

Spring Nip

Just outside the shelter, there is a healthy crop of catnip flourishing in the Spring sunshine.
Volunteers snip a few sprigs for the shelter cats on their way into the building.
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Shelter Cats


Hello? Hello?
Anybody looking for a friendly four year old calico girl?

She is very pretty and an excellent communicator. Gabby always lets you know when the petting session is over. She would be happy to be your one and only cat.
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New Friends


This is Peek-A-Boo who ended up at the shelter because her person was too ill to care for her. She’s a lovely 13 year old calico getting lots of love and affection from staff and volunteers at PAWS.
At the other end of the age spectrum…
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Shelter Cats

Safety First!


Safety in Numbers
We were doing a small but noisy catification project in the hall outside the kittens’ room last week. When we looked in to see if they minded the construction noise, this is what we saw.
PAWS still has many charming and friendly kittens waiting for homes!
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Shelter Cats



Introducing the lovely five year old Bridgit who has been at PAWS since November.

Is that a catnip mouse you have there, Bridgit?




Yes, I guess it’s a catnip mouse.

Shelter Cats

News Flash!


Celebrating the adoptions of Simba II, Kit-e, Gladys, Oliver (a very sweet black cat- sorry, no photograph), kittens Patrick and Bunny!


Meanwhile, back in Cat Room #1, Molly quickly discovered the bag of new cat toys and staked her claim.

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