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Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Yoshi and Calypso

When I met this 9 month old, playful, gorgeous furball, I didn’t think she’d be at the shelter long.
Good news! Yoshi was off to her new family before I even got around to putting her picture up.

This is Calypso. She’s a lovely young cat still waiting for a new home.

Shelter Cats

Marmalade Anyone?

She’s sweet and funny, affectionate, and has great calico markings. This six year old girl has it all.
Well, except she doesn’t have any claws, or a tail, or a home…

Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens


Little Craisin is an energetic 6 month old calico. Fortunately her stay at the shelter was very short and she’s already gone to her new home.

Shelter Cats

Kitchen Cats

Ironically, the cats who live in the shelter kitchen are all on reduced calorie food. Pepper and Susie are very laid back cats.

But Shadow says, “Are you saying that I’m fat?”

Shelter Cats

Loreen and Krystal

This 6 year old torbi girl has beautiful markings. So does her sister Krystal who is a calico.

A “torbi” is a tortoiseshell cat with some tabby stripes. You can read about markings here.
Do you think your cat’s personality is linked to the color of his or her coat? Check out this webpage.

Shelter Cats


One year old calico girl Athena has stripes, spots, and lots of toys.
She just needs a new home.

Shelter Cats


That’s Faith on the top bunk and sister Cutie Pie underneath- beautiful cats!

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