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Shelter Cats

Upstairs Downstairs

Now that Fall is in the air, it’s snuggling weather at PAWS.

This is Sherry on the left and brother Sebastian on the right.
None of the people who work or volunteer at PAWS can understand why these sweet cats are still waiting for a home.
Down below let me introduce…
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Shelter Cats


Her name is listed as “Reckless”, but that must refer to her previous owners.
They left her in a carrier outside a vet’s office. Fortunately, she was brought to PAWS.
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Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Springtime at PAWS

Flowers are popping open, kittens, with and without Mommies, are appearing at the shelter.
This tiny tiger is thriving, defying all odds thanks to TLC from PAWS’ Cat Lady in Chief. Imagine, Ellen has been bottle feeding four Motherless kittens since they were a week old!
Elsewhere in the shelter…
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Shelter Cats

Madame Butterfly

This is Butterfly, who is an orphan because her person moved abroad and could not take her along.
She is such a loving lovely cat; it must have broken the person’s heart.
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Shelter Cats



As you can see, BeeBee has gorgeous markings. You’ll have to visit her at PAWS to experience her sweet loving personality. Bonus! BeeBee has a sister who must be adopted with her.
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Shelter Cats

Nellie and Charlotte


Nellie, on the left, is the official greeter in Cat Room #4. Whenever someone comes in, she is right there chatting and waiting for head rubs. That’s her roommate Charlotte on the right.
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Shelter Cats

Getting to Know You!


What was Buster studying?


Fourteen year old Buster was checking out his roommate Lucinda. It’s good to be cautious when introducing cats, but these two will get along fine.



Quite a few kittens were adopted at PAWS last week. And we’re especially pleased that two older cats, 15 year old calico Calliope and 10 year old Sydney, found good homes.

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