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We didn’t see much of Bagheera the first few weeks after he was left at PAWS by his owners. After a while he got used to the new sounds, smells, feline roommates, and people. When he emerged from his carpeted cubby we discovered that he’s a shy but very friendly boy who craves attention and affection.
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Shelter Cats

Friends of PAWS


You may have seen Merritt here in previous posts, but she has never looked so contented and pleased with her surroundings. generously donated two of these Catit Bench Scratchers to PAWS. I emailed them, sent pictures of our red themed room, and, within a few days they sent the scratchers.
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Cinder(ella) and the Six Dwarfs


I couldn’t resist that fractured fairy tale title…
Petite and beautiful, polydactyl momcat Cinder has done a fine job raising her six kittens. After the kittens were weaned and she had her operation to retire from producing anymore, she was adopted.
Her kittens won’t be at PAWS for very long, but I can’t resist showing them off.
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Shelter Cats

Julia and Mimi


Has Julia got a cute tabby tail?


No. She’s just cuddling in the window hammock with her good friend Mimi.


Petite Julia is 10 years old and has a gentle, calm purrsonality. Mimi is an energetic young tuxie tabby. Together or separately, these very nice cats are available at PAWS.