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Meeny, Miny, and Moe


I can’t even be sure I’m showing you three different cats!
Momcat Eeny had three kittens and she was the only one who could tell them apart. This is kitten #1, and could be either Meeny, Miny or Moe…
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Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Cinder(ella) and the Six Dwarfs


I couldn’t resist that fractured fairy tale title…
Petite and beautiful, polydactyl momcat Cinder has done a fine job raising her six kittens. After the kittens were weaned and she had her operation to retire from producing anymore, she was adopted.
Her kittens won’t be at PAWS for very long, but I can’t resist showing them off.
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Shelter Cats

Julia and Mimi


Has Julia got a cute tabby tail?


No. She’s just cuddling in the window hammock with her good friend Mimi.


Petite Julia is 10 years old and has a gentle, calm purrsonality. Mimi is an energetic young tuxie tabby. Together or separately, these very nice cats are available at PAWS.

Shelter Cats

A Tale of Two Rooms


It was a peaceful scene in Cat Room #4 on Sunday morning.

There’s a new bed with room enough for everycat. Hippity (or maybe that’s Hoppity), Daphne, Ryker, and Marley were all enjoying a communal nap.



Meanwhile, across the hall…


There’s a new guy named Bradley in Cat Room #5.


Five year old Bradley and young Jack were having a fairly friendly wrestling match.

I think it was a draw.

All of these cats are ready and waiting at the PAWS shelter in Norwalk, CT.

News Flash!

Bradley, Jack, and his sister Annie were all adopted together.

Shelter Cats

Getting to Know You!


What was Buster studying?


Fourteen year old Buster was checking out his roommate Lucinda. It’s good to be cautious when introducing cats, but these two will get along fine.



Quite a few kittens were adopted at PAWS last week. And we’re especially pleased that two older cats, 15 year old calico Calliope and 10 year old Sydney, found good homes.

Shelter Cats

The New Girls


When Molly and Annie went to their new homes, there were empty cages in Cat Room #1. But not for long!

Introducing the new girls:


Lucinda is the sweetest cat! Her right ear is folded down giving her a jaunty attitude. As soon as you open her cage, she just wants to give you love and kisses.


Pretty Brownie isn’t as outgoing, yet. She’s still adjusting to the new room and roommates.


She forgets to be shy when there’s a good toy to play with.

These two lovelies are available at PAWS.

Shelter Cats

Home for the Holidays


Beautiful owl-eyed Sydney is 10 years old. Sydney is definitely on Santa’s Nice List.


Marlee is a friendly gentle cat. At 9 years old she’s done with all that annoying kittenish misbehavior. She just needs a friend to cuddle with.
Sydney and Marlee are waiting at PAWS.


And here’s our own Mickey Mouser (failed foster cat). He had a rough start in life as a tiny underweight feral kitten rescued by PAWS volunteers. He’s wishing a warm safe home for everycat.

Shelter Cats

Another Wall Hammock


I checked at PAWS to see if anyone was using the new wall hammock recently installed. I think Marshall was letting Elmer know that his time was up, because…


a little while later…

The new wall hammocks, built by my husband Rick, are part of a volunteer program at PAWS to improve the cats’ environment while they wait for their new forever homes.