Shelter Cats


It’s hard to imagine that this four month old charmer will be at PAWS for very long.

I’ll bet he’s already spoken for, but I had to share him anyway.

So funny and cute!
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Shelter Cats


Sweet Mindy is a friendly five year old whose person could no longer care for her.

She’s looking for a new home and would like to bring her buddy, seven year old Abby.
They are very nice quiet girls trying to adjust to their new circumstances
(all the strangers at the shelter, and the sound of the dogs barking…).
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Shelter Cats

The Shelter is Still Sheltering!

Kanga was in foster with her kittens. After they were nicely weaned and adopted, she was quite surprised to find herself back in the shelter!
But don’t worry, her stay at PAWS was very brief while she recovered from her spay. Kanga is already off to her forever home.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tibbs and Shadow are still waiting.
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Shelter Cats


Three year old Laurence came to PAWS as a stray.
The eyes truly are the window into this softie’s soul. He’s a quiet and loving boy.

“Pet me, love me, take me home!”
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Home Cats, Shelter Cats

No Sundays at the Shelter

For now, volunteers are not permitted at the shelter. Most of the cats have been adopted or are being fostered by kind hearted people. The cats pictured are still at PAWS. Don’t worry, staff goes in daily to provide TLC. They are available for adoption to approved families by appointment while the facility is closed to the public.

Charlie is a friendly three year old girl ready to enliven someone’s quarantine.
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Home Cats

Studio Companions

There are four cat beds and a comfortable chair in my studio for our three cats.

Somehow the bed on my drawing table was always the most popular.
Until recently…
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Shelter Cats


Eight year old Olive is an excellent supervisor.
She is friendly, companionable, and really makes sure I clean her area nicely.

Like many calico ladies, she knows what she likes, and has no problem communicating her wishes.
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