Shelter Cats


Puffy came to PAWS with a “bite of unknown origin”.
Because there’s no way to know whether a stray cat has had a rabies vaccination, he was put in a strict quarantine.
“Connecticut rabies guidance requires six months of strict confinement for an unvaccinated domestic animal with a wound of unknown origin.”

Only staff members were allowed to handle him, but they gave him a lot of love!

Independence day came in early July for Puffy.
Now that he’s free, he has become a favorite with all his visitors.

Here he is enjoying a little recreational nip.

Here he is after enjoying it.

Puffy is so lovable and affectionate. Come to PAWS in Norwalk CT and take this handsome boy home!

Thank you PAWS, for taking in a number of cats each year who are suspected of having rabies.They have all come through the long quarantine period happy healthy and adoptable cats.

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