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Kitty Grass Tutorial and Give Away!

It’s Spring!
And a young cat’s fancy turns to chomping on house plants…
That’s when we decided it was time to plant another crop of kitty grass.
Here’s Rufus tamping down moistened potting soil.

We sprinkled a generous layer of seed from Bond and Kramer’s KittyBluntz™ Cat Want Grass!™.
After topping the seeds with another layer of soil, we placed the pot in a sunny spot and waited.

At this point a few naps were required to contain their excitement.

It’s a good time to tell you about these special seeds:
Cat Want Grass!™ is mixed and packaged by Bond and Kramer.
It’s a certified gmo free combination of oat, wheat, flax, rye, and barley seeds.
A veritable buffet of greens!

Four days later, we see signs of life!

And the very next day, harvest commenced.

At seven days you can see the full lush crop.

Would you like to give your cats a green treat? Leave a comment and one lucky reader (continental USA only) will receive a free 3 oz. bag of seeds from Bond and Kramer.

P.S. I am not being compensated for this post. I love this healthy seed mixture and want to share with you.

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