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Cats and Beds

One would think, we should have two beds on the wide sunny window sill for two cats, right?
In their inscrutable way, here are our Mickey Mouser and Rufus the Red contemplating the unpopular red plush bed.

We’ve tried rubbing the new bed with the old one to transfer the scent. We’ve tried washing them and re-arranging them.
Have you encountered this problem? If you have cats, of course you have!

And, speaking of beds, here’s a plump and beautiful Pumpkin burrito.
This morning at PAWS, Pumpkin decided to ignore her nice cat bed and crawl into a towel for a nap.
Volunteers and staff love Pumpkin! She is a sweet cat, once she gets to know you. I sure hope someone comes soon who will take the time.
Click on this link to see her – PUMPKIN!

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