Shelter Cats

Around the Shelter

Laid-back Mindy says hello from the highest shelf in Cat Room #5.
She loves other cats and being brushed; but sometimes she just wants to get away from it all.

After Cat Room #8 went through deep cleaning and a bit of renovation, these three cats and Clementine (not shown) took up residence. Everyone settled nicely in their new space. Don’t get too comfortable, kitties! We hope you’ll move on to wonderful forever homes soon!

Here’s another picture of F Scott Fitzferal. He’s gotten much more friendly since he came to PAWS and may need a new name to reflect the change.

Clementine, the fourth cat in Cat Room #8, is a beautiful dilute tortie.

Come meet these good cats at PAWS. If you don’t live in the Norwalk CT area, I bet there’s a shelter near you that would appreciate a visit.

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