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Simba is just over a year old.
Caught you, Simba! He’s almost always in motion.


He needs a lot of play time to burn off his excess energy.

Speaking of excess energy…


This is the door to Cat Room #4. Harlequin is so curious and active that it’s not unusual to see her jump up about 5 feet and hang on the door’s screen window! She likes to see what’s happening in the hallway.


You might remember beautiful Harlequin from an earlier post.


Here’s a new cat, and his name is Paws.

We brightened up each other’s day Sunday. He was huddled in his dirty litter box looking very sad. It was easy to see that he liked the reassurance of the box’s higher walls. The shelter has a great selection of cat beds, so I got him a nice soft nest.


When I left the room he was purring and kneading.

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