Adopt a Tabby Kitten


I’ve got stripes and I’ve got spots.


I’m very well groomed.


I’ve got a wild side.


And I’ve got a sweet side.
I just don’t have a home… Yet.

Come to PAWS and meet your new best friend!

13 Responses to “Adopt a Tabby Kitten”

  1. Brian Frum Says:

    Such a cutie and I couldn’t agree more…tabbies rock!

  2. Tamago Says:

    Awww you are such a cute baby!
    I love your markings. How lovely you’ve got stripes and spots :-)
    You are adorable and I’m sure you’ll make your future family very happy. I hope they will find you soon xoxo

  3. meowmeowmans Says:

    That’s Kumquat, I think! He and Key Lime are handsome, adorable and SO sweet. We can’t understand why they have not yet been adopted! Paws crossed that it’s soon!

  4. RedSetter Says:

    What a sweetie, love the wildcat spots and cute face.

  5. The Island Cats Says:

    You’re so cute…it won’t take you long to find a home!

  6. Glogirly and Katie Says:

    Awwww. tabby love is a very special thing. We bet you’re going to have a forever home very, very soon!

  7. S Hall Says:

    What a HANDSOME boy!
    Fabulous TABBY markings!
    Looks like his personality matches his markings,


  8. Cathy Keisha Says:

    You may be the cutest tabby ever and you even have spots!

  9. Caren Gittleman Says:

    I bet this precious tabby is gonna be adopted real soon!

  10. Timmy Tomcat Says:

    You are one good looking little fellow. We will help get the word out so you get that home fast fast fast
    Cause we all deserve a nice forever home

  11. Dogs N Pawz Says:

    OMG! Too cute! Sharing.

  12. Chelsea Price Says:

    Wow! So handsome – love those markings! Shared :)

  13. Oui Oui Says:

    And we know how much fun you are to play with! We hope your family comes along soon so they don’t miss out on all the fun.


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