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Goodbye Gracie


Our girl Gracie was such a good, smart cat. She shook paws and gave kisses when we asked, and was a star at clicker training. She would run to the window chattering when we said, “birdies.” She wasn’t friendly to company, but certainly not timid. She was our watchcat.

She had a napping spot near my computer, watched tv with us in the evening on our laps, and slept at the end of the bed at night.

Only a few months ago, her normally enthusiastic appetite was diminished and she wasn’t herself. At the vet’s she had a series of tests, including an ultrasound. The pictures showed a large inoperable mass and Gracie wasn’t given much time. For a few wonderful weeks steroids made her almost kittenish. She ate voraciously and jumped up on kitchen counters looking for more.

Unfortunately that reprieve didn’t last long. She won’t have to sneak outside to play in the grass and trees anymore. Gracie left us yesterday for the Rainbow Bridge where she can run free.
We love you, Gracie.

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