Shelter Cats

A Very Special Offer

Santana, “Will it finally be my turn to get a home?”

PAWS is joining the Best Friends Animal Society in the 9 Lives for $9 national cat adoption event. The age of the cats must be 9 months and older, the length of the promotion is 9 days (November 10-18), and the drastically reduced adoption fee is $9!

Don’t worry, the PAWS match makers (adoption counselors) will be as careful as ever to make sure the cats will go to good forever homes.

Warner is waiting.

I hope you can take advantage of this opportunity to bring home a new family member who will love you forever. PAWS is located in Norwalk Connecticut. Click HERE for a list of participating shelters in other states.

At this price, brothers Lenny and Tony are a real steal!

Support PAWS• Look Cool!

Hendrick Boards is offering this T-shirt for $24.99 and PAWS will receive $10 of it (a dollar more than a cat!). Click HERE to order.

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