Shelter Cats

Lap Cat Loreen

Loreen and her sister Krystal have been at PAWS since September 2009. From the start, Krystal has been a good tempered cat, adjusting well to shelter life.

Then there’s Loreen…

There’s a dry erase board in most of the cat rooms with tips on things like favorite toys, whether a cat likes to be brushed, which cats can be out of their cages together. It’s very helpful information. Some months ago a note appeared (Thank you Tracey and Kevin at Animal Shelter Volunteer Life!) advising that if you put a towel in your lap, Loreen would come over and sit. Having needed bandaids from encounters with Loreen in the past, I wasn’t eager to experiment.

Then Sunday I sat down with the towel and called her. She came right over and purred up a storm! Yea!!!

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