Shelter Cats

Miss Deed


She’s an extremely friendly and popular girl. Is it her fault that she’s produced two litters of kittens in less than two years?
When Miss Deed was brought to PAWS with her adorable babies, she was already pregnant.
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Shelter Cats



Why do some cats like Patch end up staying so long at PAWS?
It might be because he doesn’t invite attention.
Patch can usually be found high up on the cat tree where it’s not easy to reach him.
But he likes to be brushed.
He loves treats.
He gets along fine with other cats.
With a patient adopter, we just know he’d blossom in a home of his own.
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Home Cats, Shelter Cats



Dina came to PAWS a few months ago and is still adjusting to shelter life. She’s a two year old stray who must have an interesting story, but she’s not talking.
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Shelter Cats

Photo Sessions


There have been so many wonderful adoptions at PAWS lately.
This is due to our large supply of excellent cats, hard working adoption counselors, and our new staff Cat Woman Ellen, who works hard at promoting our cats on social media.
That leads me to dear sixteen year old Phoebe, seen above giving me the cold shoulder…
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