Shelter Cats



What’s a nice cat like me doing in a place like this?


Sweet eight year old Sophie is waiting for a new home. She was “released by her owners” according to her cage card.


Quiet friendly Sophie patiently biding her time at PAWS.

Shelter Cats

Tabby Day


Cat Room #1 is one of my first stops on Sunday mornings. It’s a room with six double wide cages; one side for bed and food, the other for the litterbox.
Some of the cats at PAWS are caged because they really don’t like other felines. Beautiful tabby Halo is one of these. She likes to be up high, and when it’s her turn to come out of the cage, she leaps to the top of the cat tree.
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Shelter Cats



Stunning four old Cookie supervised while I filled out the adoption papers for our new cat Rufus last week. Oh dear…Look at that face!
I’m sorry Cookie, I hope your turn will be coming soon.
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Shelter Cats

“Time Spent with Cats…”


As the wise man Sigmund Freud said, “Time spent with cats is never wasted”. Meet Cali, an energetic two year old Mom cat recently retired from the kitten producing business. She’s like a playful kitten herself!
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Home Cats

Rufus the Red


We are pleased to announce that we have a new cat!
In mid July, I featured a cat (Ely) who had been found living in a feral colony. He was trapped and neutered and had his ear tipped before anyone realized that he wasn’t feral at all. Rick and I went to meet him and offered to foster this extremely friendly young cat. We thought that Mickey Mouser needed some feline companionship…
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Shelter Cats

Friends of PAWS


You may have seen Merritt here in previous posts, but she has never looked so contented and pleased with her surroundings. generously donated two of these Catit Bench Scratchers to PAWS. I emailed them, sent pictures of our red themed room, and, within a few days they sent the scratchers.
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